The process can be broken down into 5 simple steps:

1. Decide on the amount of beef you would like to purchase – A whole animal, a side, or a quarter.



2. Orders are placed through our website. At the check out select the harvest month which you would like to be signed up for from the drop down list.



3.  If you have placed an order for a whole or a side, visit our butcher’s website to select your cuts  – 



4. If ordering a quarter, please provide any special recommendations in the notes section.



5. Deposits are due when your order is placed.



6. Final payments are due once the hung weight of the order is determined. An invoice will be emailed to you, and when the order is ready for pick up we will

reach out again.



E-transfers and cheques are accepted.


Upcoming Processing Dates





OCT 2nd



NOV 6th


First time ordering from the farm?

This video gives a great overview of the process of cutting a side of beef

Why buy directly from the farm?

We invite you to ask yourselves… Have you ever thought about where your beef comes from – before it arrived in the refrigerator section in the grocery store? Where was it born – in a field or in a pen? Was it treated well and cared for? When it got sick, what medication was it given? Has it been vaccinated, was it given vitamins or antibiotics? What type of feed did it eat and did it have clean water to drink? How old was it when it was harvested?  And how did it make its way from place of birth to your freezer?


We all hear the trending terms floating around out there – “Pasture to Plate, Farm to Fork, or perhaps Farm to Table.” Each is used to refer to the various processes in the food chain from agricultural production to human consumption. This is the education from small farms that want to bridge the gap between the farmer and the consumer, by being transparent about our processes and by cutting out the “middle men” – ie. The large feed lots and grocery stores – and to provide you with the best quality products from ethically raised sources. By buying directly from the farm, you have the education and knowledge – and therefor the choice – as to what you put into your own body.


We invite you to try our locally raised, all natural, free range, premium angus cross steers, and to experience the difference that knowing makes.