Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between grass finished and grain finished beef?

Grass is the primary source of nutrition for all our cattle.  The grass-fed animals eat 100% hay and forage from our fields, and nothing else, while our grain-finished cattle are supplemented with grain (Corn, oats and barely coated in molasses) for approx. 60 days prior to harvesting.



Grass Fed, Grass Finished:

Research has found that strictly grass-fed beef is:


          ·  Naturally lean, less than half the total fat 

          ·  Contains a higher percentage of omega-3 fats

          ·  Is higher in conjugated linoleic acid

          ·  Is higher in vitamins A and E

          ·  “Gamey” flavor



Grass Fed, Grain Finished: 

Compared to grass-fed beef, research has found that grain fed beef is:


         ·  Fattier with enhanced marbling

         ·  Enhanced flavor as graining adds a sweetness to the beef

         ·  A lighter, less gamey flavouring

         ·  More tender, with a finer texture – easier to cook to perfection



Can I make payments on my beef instead of paying all at once?

Of course we understand that buying large quantities of anything all at once can be a bit to take in! On our “Shop our beef” page, there is a button for making payments / paying balances. This tracks your payments on your account, and e-transfers are required for all pre-payments. 


Do you still offer meat packages?

If you have ordered from us in the past, you may have been able to order a smaller quantity of meat, or even choose exactly which cuts you want. Unfortunately we regret to inform that due to the labour involved in that process, we are unable to offer that service – at this time. We hope to be able to offer this once again in the future, but in the meantime, we hope that you are able to find friends and family to cow share with, 


1. Decide on the amount of beef you would like to purchase – A whole animal, a side, or a quarter. Contact us with any questions that you may have  at [email protected]


2. Place your order on our website and indicate in the notes section, the answer to the password for your e-transfer. At check out, from the drop down list, select the harvest month which you would like to be signed up for. 


3. Wholes and Sides, visit our butcher’s website to select your cuts  – 


4. Quarters – Indicate Option 1 or Option 2 in the notes section along with the password for your e-transfer.


5. Balance is due once the hung weight of your order is determined, an invoice will be emailed. Once the beef is cut and wrapped and ready for pick up we will touch base again! 


       If you are purchasing one of the following and plan on storing the entire amount yourself, we recommend:


·  Whole Beef – $4000 (Approx. 600lbs Hung weight) – Large Deep Freezer Required

·  Side Beef – $2000 (Approx. 300lbs Hung Weight) – Large Deep Freezer Required

·  Quarter Beef – $1000 (Approx. 150lbs Hung Weight) – Medium Deep Freezer Required


A general guide is 1.5 cubic foot of freezer space for 25/30 lbs. of packaged weight beef. 


Because it takes almost 2 years to raise our cattle from birth to finish, our beef is not an on-demand product with unlimited quantity. We sell based on a first-come, first-served basis and encourage you to reserve early so you don’t miss out. Our program obviously deals with live animals that we nurture for months before harvesting, and your purchase commitment is a crucial part of our program.


Our Beef is cut, wrapped, and frozen prior to pick up from Johnston’s Custom Cutting in Chilliwack, B.C. No matter which size of bulk beef you order, you’ll receive the maximum number of cuts for the size of beef you select.


Due to Covid we are limiting our exposure and asking customers to pick up directly from the butcher shop. If deliveries are available in the future, pre-determined delivery rates will apply.

Hung Weights, take home weights, and dry aging explained

The hung weight refers to the weight of the carcass after the internal organs, hide, head and feet have been removed., and before the butcher trims off the excess fat and bone. 



The purpose of hanging the side is to dry age, or cure it. This usually lasts for 14-21 days. The dry aging process involves hanging the meat on a hook just above freezing temperatures in a large cooler. This process allow the enzymes to break down the collagen between muscle fibres, making the meat tender. It also allows water to evaporate, which condenses the meat and concentrates the flavour. This is one of the very significant differences between buying your beef directly from a farm vs. the grocery store. 



Choice of cuts (Bone in/bone out, option 1/option 2) whether the animal was grass finished or grain finished will all affect your hung weight and your take home weight.



We estimate that the take home weight will be 30% less than the hung weight. 



HUNG WEIGHT: Approx.. 350lbs per side or 175lbs per quarter 



TAKE HOME WEIGHT: Side – Approx. 245lbs take home. Quarter – Approx. 123lbs take home



A general guide is 1.5 cubic foot of freezer space for 25/30 lbs. of packaged weight beef.