We officially became “verified Beef Producers!”

VBP is a fantastic forward-looking program enabling our beef industry to anticipate and meet emerging and growing demands. It has been helping producers meet industry standards for food safety for over a decade. This industry-led program is backed by technical reviews by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and provincial governments.

We COmpleted our first “Environmental Farm Plan!”


The B.C. Agricultural Research & Development Corporation (ARDCorp) leads innovation and delivers resources to improve the long-term profitability of BC farmers and ranchers with the vision to grow BC into the most dynamic and robust agricultural province in Canada. This fall we completed an Environmental Farm Plan through ARDCorp that funded and replaced our existing above ground mainland that we believe was put in before the 60’s. Our new below-ground mainline will supply water to the lower fields and will improve productivity, reduce labour, and most importantly, will allow us to reduce our agricultural impact on the environment by using water more efficiently.

our products are now all “Buy BC Certified!”

Being Buy BC certified is very exciting for us! It is a strong marketing tool and an effective way to communicate that our product is local. It provides a trusted symbol for our consumers to look for and it helps all to identify B.C. products. Buy BC helps you choose fresh-tasting, high-quality products that are made right here in British Columbia.